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Title page of product reference guide. Group of people smiling and laughing.US Healthcare Professionals: Download 2023 Nutricia Product Reference Guide in PDF format.
Title page of product reference guide. A collage of children and families.Canadian Healthcare Professionals: Download the 2021 Product Reference Guide in PDF format.

Image of various Neocate products and packaging.Specialized Pediatrics

Nutricia’s Specialized Pediatrics product line was developed for infants and children with cow milk allergy, multiple food protein intolerance and other allergy-related disorders such as eosinophilic esophagitis. The formulas are based on free amino acids to reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction. For detailed product information, please visit Neocate.com or Neocate Canada.

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Image of all the products in the Nutricia Metabolics family.Metabolics

Nutricia offers a wide variety of great testing formulas for use in the dietary management of inborn errors of metabolism. Formulas are available for disorders such as phenylketonuria (PKU), maple syrup urine disease (MSUD), homocystinuria (HCU), and others. Please visit NutriciaMetabolics.com (US only) for product detailed information, disorder education, helpful tips for diet management. low protein recepies, inspiring stories, and much more.

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Image of all Ketocal products lined up.Neurology

Nutricia also offers KetoCal®, a medical food / specialized formula for children over one year of age with intractable epilepsy.  The KetoCal line simplifies the ketogenic diet, by offering products in a range of ketogenic ratios (US only) and forms. Our Nutrition Services Department can provide customers with helpful tips and recipes for KetoCal. For detailed product information, please visit MyKetoCal.com and for Canada, please visit KetoCal Canada.

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Image of Polycal and Duocal products grouped together.Other Nutritionals

These products are indicated for use when nutritionally-complete formulas are not appropriate or when a modular approach is required. Included are amino acid modules, a protein-free energy supplement powder and a powdered vitamin/mineral supplement. For detailed information about Duocal, please visit Neocate.com (US only) and for Canada, please visit Duocal Canada. For detailed information about Polycal, please go to NutriciaMetabolics.com (US only) and for Canada, please go to Polycal Canada.

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Specialized Adult Nutrition (US only)

All pro-Stat products displayed in a line.Pro-Stat

Nutricia has a range of product solutions to promote healthy aging and improve the quality of life of adults and the growing elderly population. Our Specialized Adul Nutrition products include Pro-Stat® for conditions requiring increased protein needs in a low volume, such as pressure injuries and wounds, and UTI-Stat® for urinary tract health.

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An image of Fortini Infant FormulaChallenged Growth

For infants with malnutrition (undernutrition) or failure to thrive (FTT), we see every setback as the beginning of an epic comeback. Ready-to-feed Fortini™ is the first and only 30 kcal/fl oz formula specially calibrated for term infants with failure to thrive — it eliminates the complex and time-consuming trial-and-error process of concentrating infant formula.

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