What makes us special – Our people

Graphic of multicolored petals of a flower with white hand prints of various sizes. Underneath, text says Nutricia best careAt Nutricia the thing that differentiates us is our best care culture, a culture that comes directly from our people. Nutricia people simply care more. Good enough just isn't enough for them. Care more is in our DNA. At Nutricia, best care is an attitude that allows us to do more for our customers and create better brands and experiences.

Nutricia people are also passionate pioneers – unafraid to do things differently, to challenge the expected to find new ways and new solutions that help people live longer, healthier lives. From Neocate to Pro-Stat, from KetoCal to Periflex, our best care culture allows us to create more firsts. For more information on products in Canada, please visit Neocate Canada and Ketocal Canada.

Drawn from across the world, we work to constantly challenge the tried and tested to deliver breathrough thinking and ideas in nutrition and health. Together we can create a culture of care that will continue to change the rules of the game.

We give our employees freedom to explore that big idea and the resources to make it reality. At Nutricia, we value higher-level thinking and the collaboration of ideas. It’s part of the “something special inside” that keeps Nutricia growing and developing.

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