Our Navigator experts will provide personalized one-on-one support to help guide you through the complexities of getting formula coverage

INVESTIGATE: Contact Insurance plans to verify coverage and obtain prior authorization requirements. Navigate the complex environment between patients, healthcare teams & insurance companies to guide families in finding coverage. Identify alternative coverage and help through employer coverage exception processes.

SUPPORT: Health with pre-determination and prior authorization. Assist in appealing insurance denials for Nutricia products. Answer questions regarding claim submissions and billing errors.

SUPPLY: Help with finding a local pharmacy, home healthcare or DME provider where Nutricia products are available. Assist in determining the best purchasing options for your family’s budget.

Nutricia Navigator will stand by your side until all coverage and access options are explored

Navigator has helped over 7,000 patients find coverage
for Nutricia products to date

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3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Download Navigator Information Form

Work with your healthcare provider to complete the form

Email or fax completed form to 833-869-0554

Nutricia products are medical foods and intended for use under medical supervision
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